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Guenther's masonry was established in 1927, when Paul Guenther and his family of 5 sons and a daughter, arrived from Germany.  Having started his apprenticeship at the age of 14, and laying brick until the age of 80, one could safely assume that "Pop" loved his work.  And that same love of masonry survives today, and resides deep within the heart of Eric Guenther, current owner and grandson of Paul.  "Being a third generation mason has been a blessing for me.  I haven't worked a day in my life and that's because I truly love what I do."  Having the benefit of modern tools, and over a century of trade knowledge, Guenther's masonry offers a unique blend of old world craftsmanship,combined with techniques and design ideas to compliment virtually any project. New or old, large or small, contemporary or vintage, and anything in between....

Eric Guenther

3rd Generation Mason

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